“Finding Freedom: A Personal Exodus from Error to Identity,” is my personal testimony of deliverance from the bondage of error and deception to complete freedom and identity in Christ. Following an abortion at the age of 17, I thought I could go on with my life, but how wrong I was! The abortion only accelerated my downward spiral and I found myself completely trapped in a pit of shame, depression, and anxiety. But God! He loves us so, and through a very real encounter with the saving power of Jesus Christ, I was completely set free from my deception and error. My heart is for everyone to experience the life-saving, life-transforming power of God, but especially those who are struggling to recover themselves in the aftermath of trauma or abortion. The devil is a liar but it is Jesus who saves, heals, and delivers. He wants you to have life, and have it to the fullest! My prayer is that through the pages of this book, you will find that Jesus – the One Who is good, Who is faithful, and stands ready to receive you with open arms!

Finding Freedom: A Personal Exodus from Error into Identity