Deliverance & Healing Soul Wounds

Deliverance is something I have longed to know more about since I was delivered myself shortly after I encountered Jesus. I saw the unclean spirit leave like a black shadow that faded off into the distance. It was the spirit of error/deception. What was different about my deliverance that day was the demon did not make a scene. It did not manifest in a way that made me writhe, foam, cough and dart around or throw me like many demons will do. We know from scripture they can be loud, obnoxious, and at times try to throw the person into the fire or even drown them.

There are many different reasons why a demon can take up home in someone and there are different levels of demonizing a person. I'll talk about what I do know from my own testimony and what I have witnessed.

Any of us can open a door for the enemy at any given moment. That is why we must be "on guard" because the devil is prowling around seeking who he can devour 1 Peter 5:8. That scripture is used a lot in the Christian community. It is not just about being on guard to what is happening around us, it is telling us to look inwardly, to gauge our heart towards things that have offended us or hurt us. We cannot allow impurities into our heart, mind, and soul.

When we get offended and hurt, big or small, it opens up a wound in us. These unhealed wounds leave a blood trail for the enemy to follow. The lacerations leave us week, feeble, and unable to mobilize the way God has called us to. Unhealed wounds that haven't been put under the blood of Jesus give the enemy the legal right into our lives.

Unforgiveness is an underlying root of almost all of it. Unforgiveness leaves a chip on our shoulder, causes us to minister to others from our perspective and not God's. It leaves us with a greater mess to clean up than before and can become poison to our physical bodies. Sometimes the one that needs to be forgiven is not so obvious. It can be yourself you need to forgive or even God.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to lead a group of young girls at "Promise Camp". I had no idea how powerfully God was going to move upon this group of young girls and guys! The first night of ministry set the tone for the entire weekend. After the minister gave his message the kids were invited up to the front first to give their lives to Jesus and then second for anyone who wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This wasn't just about being able to speak in tongues but the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the power that comes upon you to help you and counsel you to live a pure life and turn from sin. It is also the gift of speaking in tongues.

Wonder why you keep looking at those things you don't want to look at? Why do you keep having those thoughts you don't want to have? Why can't you turn from what you know is wrong even though you have Jesus as your savior? YOU NEED THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! The refiners fire to burn up all those nasty things that keep you bound.

That was just a side note =) What I am really getting at is what happened after the invitation for the Holy Spirit to move upon these kids took place. Saturday night, the hunger that rose up and the movement of the Holy Spirit in that place caused the demonic presence to actually begin manifesting like I have not witnessed before. Holy Spirit was ministering to kids who had been molested, raped, abused, adopted, rejected, come from broken homes, drug addicted parents, bullied at school, you name it. Deliverance began to break out and these kids began to get set free.

After we knew they were free, with every child the Lord had me go to, he told me to walk them through forgiveness and healing! I could see festering sores being healed and demonic doors being shut as they spoke out forgiveness. In order to get delivered, you have to deal with the hurt and wounds of your past. You have to let the Lord take you there. Open your heart to deal with it so you can be healed, whole, and delivered! I am not saying it is easy but I am saying it is so worth it!

With the faintest whisper, because every single one of them was so exhausted from what they just went through, they would confess lies, hatred, specific names of who they needed to forgive. They didn't have to share with me the details but they had to get their healing so the door to the enemy that demonized them could not come back! If you don't deal with the soul wound after deliverance, the enemy has the right to come back even stronger than before. When lies that have been kept secret are confessed they go from darkness to light. Exposure! The enemy is exposed and now he can be dealt with according to God's justice.

James 5:16 tells us to "Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed." I have not stopped praying for these precious children since I got home. They all had to go back to their circumstances but now they have the tools they need to withstand the enemy and his schemes. They can rise above their circumstances and situations! They have the mighty counselor, the Holy Spirit!

For a long time I have wrestled with why and how I was delivered from the nasty spirit of error. I was saved and it didn't leave right away. I was reading my bible for only a week before it left. So, what really caused this unclean spirit to pack up shop and move on? This weekend revealed so much to me!

Here is what I know now. Filling myself with Truth (the Bible) absolutely had a lot to do with my deliverance. But, what had the greatest effect on me was FORGIVENESS. My soul was

healed. God forgave me for the abortion I had almost 10 years before and I forgave the man that murdered my cousin. God showed me that I was also a murderer through choosing an abortion and that we were equal and the same in our Father's eyes. The cut on my soul was now healed and the enemy no longer had the legal right to take up home in this vessel! It had to go and I had to continue to walk in forgiveness and keep myself from being offended at anyone or anything. I also had to keep my mind renewed and my hunger stirred up! That's it, it is that simple to walk in freedom and deliverance!


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