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David had a heart after God. He shepherded his sheep by following them, not leading them. Daniel had an “excellent” spirit and Caleb had a “different” spirit in him. I’m a mom of 4 here to discuss and encourage the freedom we have when it comes raising our kids unconventionally. I am someone trying to do things differently and I hope that’s why you’re here too. It might look different on the outside but on the inside is a mother that cares deeply for her children’s well-being, education, faith, and character. In fact, she cares so deeply that she’s willing to suffer the stigma.

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Bearfoot Parenting

Check out my brand new podcast! This podcast is for parents who are trying to break out of old mindsets when it comes to parenting this next generation! Join us for advice and encouragement on how to stay the course and do what's best for your family.